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We’re reading Robin Hobb’s Realm of the Elderlings

Episode 28: Mad Ship Chapters 11-15

April 10th, 2020

The plot is starting to move like a ship under full sail. Coffee dates, tangle developments (do sea serpents have jobs?), missing paintings and Satrap Costco really needs to drown or something... plus Malta is the MOST embarrassing. 


Please note we have a CW on Chapter 14 for discussion of rape.  If you want to skip, Chapter 14 begins at 45.10, chapter summary ends at 51.30 and chapter discussion ends at 57.50


NEXT EPISODE: Mad Ship Chapters 16-20 (no CW for this section)


Buckkeep Radio - Episode 28: Mad Ship - Chapter 11-15.  Featuring Rachel, Alyssa, Eli, Jenny, Elena and Ashley.

The Realm of the Elderlings novels are written by Robin Hobb.

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