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We’re reading Robin Hobb’s Realm of the Elderlings


Music Playlists

  • To celebrate the start of Buckkeep Radio we made a playlist that gave us Farseer vibes. Check it out on Spotify. 
  • You love Liveships and you love this playlist that's all, that's plenty. Check it out on Spotify.
  • During Episode 31 - "Ah yes, Ch 29: Bingtown Convergence  - which is the name of my cover band where we rewrite Genesis songs to be ROTE centric (in too deep, invisible touch, home by the sea, no son of mine.. This shit writes itself)" And you bet your rudder we made a playlist. Check it out on Spotify.
  • Forged is a playlist for stone dragons, liveships and the red ship wars. Check it out on Spotify.
  • Apricot Brandy for when you're reading The Tawny Man trilogy. Check it out on Spotify.
  • Regal deserves his own playlist, OK? We couldn't tell him no. Regal's Morning Jamz on Spotify.
  • A playlist celebrating the Rain Wilds quartet can be found here on our Rain Wilds Spotify playlist.
  • So you've made it to the end, eh? The Fitz and the Fool trilogy vibes are in BEES BURNBOOK on Spotify.
  • Napping on the deck of Paragon on an adventure? Here's a bit of melancholy sure to please on Spotify.
  • Comes the DESTROYER, a playlist for when you've had enough of everyone's garbage.

Reading Order

We will read in publishing order and we will be reading all the short stories we can get our hands on. Tentative order follows:

The Farseer Trilogy
  Assassin's Apprentice, 1995
  Royal Assassin, 1996
  Assassin's Quest, 1997
Liveship Traders Trilogy
  Ship of Magic, 1998
  Mad Ship, 1999
  Ship of Destiny, 2000
The Tawny Man Trilogy
  Fool's Errand, 2001
  Golden Fool, 2002
  Fool's Fate, 2003
The Rainwild Chronicles
  Dragon Keeper, 2009
  Dragon Haven, 2010
  City of Dragons, 2011
  Blood of Dragons, 2013
The Willful Princess and the Piebald Prince, 2013
Fitz and the Fool Trilogy
  Fool's Assassin, 2014
  Fool's Quest, 2015
  Assassin's Fate, 2017
Her Father's Sword (from The Book of Swords), 2017

Additional short stories:

Blue Boots (from Songs of Love and Death), 2010

The Inheritance (from Inheritance and other stories) 2011

Homecoming (from Inheritance and other stories and Legends II anthology) 2011

Cat's Meat (from The Inheritance and other stories) 2011

Words Like Coins (from Fantasy Medley) 2012

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