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We’re reading Robin Hobb’s Realm of the Elderlings

Episode 31: Mad Ship Chapters 26-30

May 1st, 2020

This latest section of Mad Ship delves into mysterious histories including Paragon's construction, the shadow economy of the Rain Wilds, and Amber's past. Kennit gets very mad about being very muddy, Serilla has shoes full of earrings and Reyn is starting to grow on us. 

CW on Chapter 29 for Rape Trauma. Chapter 29 summary begins at 51 minutes; ends at 57.30. Chapter discussion ends at 66 minutes.
Additional CW for discussion of rape as a literary device in the spoiler section at 1 hour 50 minutes until end.   

NEXT EPISODE: Mad Ship Chapters 31-35 (CWs on Chapter 31 for discussion of rape-related trauma and Chapter 33 for attempted rape of a POV character)

Buckkeep Radio - Episode 31: Mad Ship - Chapter 26-30.  Featuring Rachel, Alyssa, Eli, Jenny, Elena and Ashley.

The Realm of the Elderlings novels are written by Robin Hobb.

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