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We’re reading Robin Hobb’s Realm of the Elderlings

Episode 95: Fool’s Quest Ch 17-20

January 10th, 2022

Fitz and Chade reunite with the Buckkeep fam in this section but we have lots of other topics to cover besides their recklessness. Like, how would Fitz do in an axe fight? Is Ash a doctor? Will the Fool ever leave the walls? Do we have to talk to Civil? And, most importantly, does anyone know where Bee is?


Spoiler Section start: 2 hrs 11 min


NEXT EPISODE: Fool's Quest Chapter 21-24 (CWs on 22 for more talk about incest, and 24 for rape)


Buckkeep Radio - Episode 95: Fool's Quest Chapters 17-20. Featuring Rachel, Alyssa, Jenny, Eli, Ashley and Joey


The Realm of the Elderlings novels are written by Robin Hobb.


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