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Rachel is the editor and ringleader of Buckkeep Radio. She lives in NYC with her partner and cohost, Joey. She can be found online at Read This F***king Book (a podcast with cohost, Elena), the FireandLunch Piecast (a podcast about Game of Thrones with cohost, Jenny) and more generally on twitter at @DarthRachel.  


Jenny is a graphic designer/illustrator in NYC (she designed our logo!). She can be found online on twitter at @JennySlife87 and on RedBubble at JenSnow where you can find some Fitz and the Fool designs and other geek things. She is a cohost with Rachel on the FireandLunch Piecast (a podcast about Game of Thrones)



Elena is a poet and costumer in East Texas. She co-hosts the podcast Read This F***ing Book, which remains the best applied use of her English major since college. You can find her on social media as Elena Nola.



Alyssa is a fantasy book addict, artist, and library person living in the Boston area. You can find her at http://alyssamaynard.com



Ashley lives in Charleston, SC and is embracing her geekier side later in life. She's expanded her skills as a cosplay enthusiast in the last 5 years, and does everything better after a drink or two of tequila. She can be found on Instagram @ladybirdparker.  


Eli lives in Indiana where he works as a design engineer in the aerospace field. He spends most of his free time making costumes but also enjoys diving into video games and sci-fi/fantasy stories. You can follow Eli's cosplay adventures on his Instagram, @chewybreadcosplay.



Joey is a concept artist, balloon, and float designer at the Macy's Parade Studio. He (and his cat, Whiteout) live in NYC with his partner and fellow co-host, Rachel. After-hours Joey is a prop-builder, maker, and Agent of Mischief. You can follow him on instagram @uncannyrobot



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